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injury - criminal injuries & victims of an assault

Victims of violent crime can never be fully compensated, we understand the traumatic stress that victims are left with and can assist them in making a personal injury claim for injuries such as wounding, assault or a sexual offence to name but a few via the criminal injuries compensation authority. You may be able to claim the following:

Call us now or complete our enquiry form, to get you back on track.

injury - accidents at work

Unfortunately many accidents happen at work this could from an office environment to a building site, warehouse or factories, injuries such as:

The strict health and safety legislation must be complied with by all employers to ensure that their employees are not put at risk of being injured, despite this accidents do happen.   

However, some reasons that accidents occur are as follows:

injury - road traffic accidents

These types of accidents are extremely common and the injuries suffered by those involved can vary greatly from minor whiplash to fatal injuries. 

Whether you were a pedestrian, a cyclist, riding a motorbike or a driver or passenger in a car, we understand the trauma of being involved in road traffic accident and want to help you get back on track by making your claim process as quick and as simple as possible.

We will also work to get compensation for the following:

In most cases we apply for an advance payment to cover your urgent financial needs.

The Motor Investigation Bureau or M.I.B as it is widely known is not the organisation that wears black suits with dark sunglasses and are ready to fight aliens from another planet.  In fact this organisation if funded by insurers to provide compensation for people injured by drivers without insurance or for hit-and-runs.

injury - taxi hire & loss of earnings

We can arrange replacement taxi vehicles, in order that you can continue working in any borough of England and Wales.

However, if you feel that you need to take time off work due to the injuries suffered, then we can claim for your loss of earnings.

Contact us through our online contact form absolutely free and we will reply to your email straight away.